The features you need to treasure your best memories.

Never lose a picture

When a picture is posted, it's automatically saved and backed up. Regardless of who took it.

Invite family members

Family members can see, comment and post pictures.

Get feedback on your photos

The comment feature is a great way to share your family's enjoyment of the pictures you posted of your child.

Photo albums

Get auto-generated virtual photo albums from the most liked and viewed photos, and order them in print format – along with other printed goods if you so choose.

Unlimited photo storage

Free unlimited print-quality photo storage. You can have 1Tb video storage as long as you are on a premium membership.

Download your content

You can download all your content anytime – in Hi-Res.

Hi-Res photos

We don’t downgrade your photos' sizes on our servers. When it’s time to print them, you get the highest quality resolution possible.


1Tb of storage. (Approx. 25 hours of 4k or 450 hours of 1080p)

Customizable notifications

Whenever new pictures of your child are posted, you can receive alerts. The same applies to comments.

Kid version

We made a kid version of the app to let your child see his/her pictures without the risk of deleting them.

Photographer history

We sometimes wonder, when looking at a great photo years later, who was its author. So you don't have to guess, we tag all photos with the user who posts it.

100% secure

We use the best technology and have recurring security audits to ensure your data's safety.

100% private

No profile is public on TinyTreasures, you never have to worry about your privacy.

We will never sell your data

Family photos are priceless and are not for sale, the same applies to your personal data. Our business is based on a small fee to family members and printed goods.

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